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    Comunica is being used in a variety of places for its querying and RDF-related capabilities. Below, a couple of these uses are listed. Feel free to contact us if you want your use of Comunica added to this list.


    LDflex is a JavaScript library provides a convenient syntax for quickly writing and executing queries in a developer-friendly way. Using the power of Comunica and JSON-LD contexts, you can write expressions like person.friends.firstName to get a list of your friends.

    LDflex is used within the Solid community to easily interact with one or more Solid data pods. Using the compact syntax of LDflex, it is very simple to query from within React components.


    GraphQL-LD is a JavaScript library that allows Linked Data to be queried via GraphQL queries and a JSON-LD context. The approach involves converting a GraphQL query and JSON-LD context to a SPARQL query, which can then be executed by any SPARQL query engine such as Comunica.

    It can also be used execute authenticated queries over Solid data pods, for which reusable React components are available.


    Quadstore is a LevelDB-based graph database for Node.js and the browser. Quadstore Comunica is a SPARQL engine on top of Quadstore that is powered by Comunica.


    LDkit is a Linked Data query toolkit for TypeScript developers. It provides ORM-like abstraction over RDF data: you define a data source and a data schema and let LDkit handle SPARQL queries, data fetching and conversion of RDF to to JS/TS native types in background.

    LDkit provides built-in support to query SPARQL endpoints, but it is fully compatible with Comunica in case you need to access other RDF data sources.

    RDF Parse

    RDF Parse is a JavaScript library parses RDF based on content type or file name in a streaming manner. It supports all of the major RDF serializations. Internally, this library makes use of the rdf-parse bus and actors from Comunica.

    RDF Dereference

    RDF Dereference is a JavaScript library dereferences URLs to get its RDF contents. This tool is useful in situations where you have a URL, and you just need the parsed triples/quads, without having to concern yourself with determining the correct content type and picking the correct parser. Internally, this library makes use of the rdf-dereference bus and actors from Comunica.

    RDF Play

    RDF Play is a Web-based tool for performing simple RDF operations, such as parsing, serializing and dereferencing from URLs. Internally, this library makes use of RDF parsers from the Comunica framework, which enable streaming processing of RDF.

    ESWC Conference 2020

    All metadata of the ESWC Conference (2020) is queryable via a jQuery widget instance of Comunica. It features several example queries over a Triple Pattern Fragments interface through which the ESWC 2020 metadata is published.


    Walder offers an easy way to set up a website or Web API on top of decentralized knowledge graphs. It uses Comunica for querying these knowledge graphs. hosted via Solid PODs, SPARQL endpoints, Triple Pattern Fragments interfaces, RDF files, and so on. Using content negotiation, Walder makes the data in these knowledge graphs available to clients via HTML, RDF, and JSON-LD. Users define in a configuration file which data Walder uses and how it processes this data.