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    Working with us

    The Comunica project has been initiated by IDLab at Ghent University – imec as a framework for researching query execution over decentralized knowledge graphs on the Web. Since Comunica is open-source, anyone is free to use it to perform any research they want.

    If you are interested in collaborating, or working on Comunica as a Bachelor/Master/PhD student, feel free to contact us. We always have interesting projects to offer on both applied development and fundamental research.


    If you are using or extending Comunica as part of a scientific publication, we would appreciate a citation of our article.

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    The following experiments have been done with Comunica:


    The following publications make significant use of Comunica:

    Also using Comunica in our work? Let us know so we can add a reference to this list.


    The following conference tutorials make use of Comunica: