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    The Comunica Association is a non-profit organization for establishing a roadmap, and ensuring the maintenance and development of the Comunica framework and its dependencies.

    Members and sponsors

    If your organization is using Comunica, and you want to support its continued maintenance and future development, you may consider donating or becoming a sponsor via Open Collective. This will allow the association to fund core maintainers of Comunica to manage issues and pull requests, and to fund overall development. Furthermore, your organization will have the option to prioritize certain issues. Another option is to become a board member, which will give your organization access to board meetings of the Comunica Association which will enable your organization to collaboratively determine the long-term vision and roadmap of Comunica and the Association.

    Comunica Association Members and Sponsors

    Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss alternative forms of support, or regarding any related questions.


    Another goal of the Comunica Association, is to connect organizations that are in need of improvements or features, to developers seeking funding.

    Comunica Association Overview

    Using our Bounty Program, organizations can place bounties on issues, and developers may work on them for an agreed upon price. These bounties are primarily useful for issues that have a clearly defined scope, and are not too large. Larger issues with an unclear scope may be better suited for becoming part of the general roadmap, which is decided by Board Members, of which your organization can also become a part of.

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    The Comunica Association is hosted by Open Collective Europe, and our budget is visible on Open Collective.