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    Should you not find the right information on this website, we would be happy to help you out via any of the methods below.

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    The easiest way to get an answer to small questions is via our Gitter channel. There, we have an active community of Comunica developers, contributors and enthusiasts.

    Alternatively, if you want a place to talk about your question (or discussion topic), you can make use of the discussions tab on GitHub.

    In case you have a more general question related to SPARQL or RDF in JavaScript, the RDF/JS Gitter channel should be of help.

    GitHub issues

    If you experience bugs with Comunica, or if you have suggestions for new features, feel free to report them in our issue tracker on GitHub.

    Please take into account that this is an open-source effort, so we may not be able to solve all issues, but we do our best! Should you be interested in helping our with fixing or implementing any of these issues, you are very welcome to contribute.


    To keep updated with the latest news on Comunica, find us on Twitter.


    For any other matters, such as research collaborations or commercial support, you can send an email to Ruben Taelman.