Release 2.5.0: Fixes, string sources, and HTTP error handling

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

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    We just released a new small update. Here's an overview of the main changes.

    String sources

    If you have an RDF dataset available in a JavaScript string in some RDF serialization, you can now immediately query over it by passing it as a stringSource as follows:

    const bindingsStream = await myEngine.queryBindings(`...`, {
      sources: [
          type: 'stringSource',
          value: '<ex:s> <ex:p> <ex:o>. <ex:s> <ex:p2> <ex:o2>.',
          mediaType: 'text/turtle',
          baseIRI: '',

    This feature has been contributed by @constraintAutomaton.

    HTTP error handling

    With this update, query engines can become more robust against unstable or unavailable server.

    Using the httpRetryOnServerError, httpRetryCount, and httpRetryDelay options, you can make your engine retry requests for a number of times if the server produces an error for it.

    Using the recoverBrokenLinks option, you can make your engine fall back to the WayBack Machine if a document has become unavailable.

    Learn more about using these options on the command line and query context.

    These features were contributed by @Laurin-W and @jeswr.

    Full changelog

    As always, if you want to learn more about these changes, check out the full changelog.