Board of Directors

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    The Comunica Association has a Board of Directors that makes decisions with respect to the Comunica Association. This page describes details on who are the members of this board, what it does, and how it works.



    The Board of Directors makes decisions concerning the following topics:

    • Determine long-term goals via the roadmap.
    • Suggest priorities of issues to the maintainers for short-term development via the project boards.
    • Coordinate future of the Comunica Association

    Furthermore, board meetings can be used to evaluate the maintenance and development of Comunica and its related dependencies, which includes development by externals via the Bounty Program.

    Becoming a Board Member

    There are two ways to become a Board Member:

    1. Become a financial contributor via Open Collective of the the Board Member tier
    2. Become a regular contributor in any other way, with a dedication of at least four hours per week on average.

    Decision-making Process

    At least once every year, the board virtually meets for a board meeting. Not all members are required to be present at each meeting. The chair is expected to prepare an agenda ahead of time on, which should contain points raised by the board members. A meeting may be skipped if there are no objections from members.

    The chair is appointed by the board members, and may be changed at any time through a decision. The title of "codebase curator" is reserved for one person, and can only be passed on to someone else by the current codebase curator.

    During the meeting, decisions can be made, and every member can place exactly one vote. In case of a tie, the final decision is up to the chair. The codebase curator may optionally overrule any (final) vote if this person considers this decision to be detrimental to the future of Comunica or the Comunica Association. Non-attending members may raise their vote for up to two weeks after the meeting after reading the meeting minutes. Once a vote is final, an action will be carried out by the executive contributors.

    Minutes are scribed for each meeting by a volunteer, and are to appear afterwards on The minutes are sent to all board members shortly after each meeting.