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    Should I publish my package to npm before I can use it?

    While it is recommended to publish your reusable Comunica packages to npm, this is not required. The Components.js dependency injection framework is able to work with packages that are locally linked to each other, as long as they are available in the node_modules/ directory.

    If you receive warnings in the form of Detected remote context lookup for..., this usually means that Components.js was not able to find the corresponding package locally, and will fallback to a remote context lookup. This can either be caused by an incorrect context URL, or a missing dependency in the node_modules/ directory.

    How to query over a non-RDF source?

    Adding support for new types of sources is typically done by adding a new actor to the RDF Resolve Quad Pattern bus. Click here to find an example on how to query over a JSON weather API source.

    How to count all triples that are received by the query engine?

    Click here to find an example on how this can be done.