Release 2.4.0: Better browser support and performance improvements

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

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    We just released a new minor version of Comunica. Here's an overview of the main changes.

    Better browser support

    When using Comunica in browser bundling tools such as Webpack, polyfills had to be configured since Comunica made use of Node.js builtins. As of this release, Comunica does not depend directly on these Node.js builtins anymore, which means that Comunica can be bundled directly with tools such as Webpack without having to configure polyfills in a custom config.

    This change was implemented by @Tpt via a bounty.

    Performance improvements

    Thanks to some internal changes inside AsyncIterator, Comunica now runs slightly faster in general.

    Furthermore, some property path logic was rewritten, which makes * and + path queries significantly faster for large datasets.

    Tweaks to the HTTP service

    The HTTP service of Comunica (which exposes a SPARQL endpoint) has been polished. On the one hand, several bugfixes have been applied to make the endpoint more stable when there are timeouts and long-running queries. Furthermore, some features have been added to are useful when benchmarking with Comunica.

    Full changelog

    As always, if you want to learn more about these changes, check out the full changelog.