Official launch of the Comunica Association

Thursday, July 14, 2022

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    As previously announced, we will be officially launching the Comunica Association during the fall of this year. More concretely, we are organizing an online launch event on the 7th of September, and we will be physically present at the Semantics conference in Vienna the week afterwards.

    📖 How we got here

    Last year, we announced the Comunica Association, to make Comunica sustainable in the long-term, and to advance the long-term roadmap. Up until now, we had soft-launch period during which a bounty program and membership structure was being setup. The association has grown a lot since then, with multiple developers actively working on bounties, and multiple contributors supporting us via Open Collective.

    We thank the following founding members, which have supported the association for this launch:

    🚀 Online launch event

    Wednesday 7 September 16:00 (Brussels time), we will livestream the launch of the Comunica Association. During this event, several invited speakers from various companies will talk about their experiences with Comunica, and show off some demo's. Speaker profiles during this event range from commercial users of Comunica, to academics using Comunica for their research.

    If you want to learn more about this event, you can find more details on the event page.

    🧑‍🏫 Semantics conference

    In the week after the online launch event, the Semantics conference takes place in Vienna, Austria from September 13 until September 15. We will be preset at this conference with a booth and give a talk at the main conference. If you plan to attend this conference, be sure to come find us there!