Release 1.21.0: Hypermedia-based SPARQL Updating

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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    The 1.21.0 version is a smaller release, that mainly introduces the necessary wiring to enable hypermedia-driven SPARQL update querying, which lays the foundations for highly flexible updating of heterogeneous destinations, such as Solid data pods.

    In other words, this provides the necessary ✨_magic_✨ for updating many different types of things.

    Hypermedia-based updates

    A key feature of Comunica is its ability to automatically detect the type of source via hypermedia, and alter its query process based on the source's capabilities. With this new update, this hypermedia-based logic has also been added to the handling of update queries.

    Concretely, if you pass a destination by URL to Comunica, the capabilities of this destination will be detected, and an appropriate destination handler will be used.

    With this update, we provide support for a single hypermedia destination type: the SPARQL Update-based PATCH API. Such a destination is an HTTP APIs accepting PATCH requests containing SPARQL Update queries (application/sparql-update), such as Solid servers.

    In future updates, we intend to support more types of hypermedia-based destinations as well, such as SPARQL endpoints, and Linked Data Platform.

    Learn more about updating from the command line or from a JavaScript application in the documentation.

    Features, fixes and enhancements

    Next to the changes above, several minor features, fixes and enhancements were applied, such as more expressive configuration of JSON-LD parsing, proper CLI exit codes, and changing the context in the optimize-query-operation bus. Check out the full changelog to read more about them.