Release 1.18.0: Smaller Web bundles and Microdata parsing

Monday, November 2, 2020

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    This post gives a brief overview of the new 1.18.0 release.

    Smaller Web bundle sizes

    Thanks to Jacopo Scazzosi, the Webpack bundle size of the default Comunica config has been reduced from 1.47 MiB to 1.15 MiB. This reduction is mainly caused by swapping to smaller and more Web-friendly dependencies.

    These changes were applied in preparation of the new release of Quadstore, a Comunica-powered RDF graph database where small bundle sizes are crucial.

    Microdata parsing

    Comunica already supported parsing RDFa from HTML (and other XML-like) documents. Since Microdata is the most popular form of structured information on the Web, it makes a lot of sense to be able to query over this as RDF. As such, we plugged in the recently created Microdata to RDF Streaming Parser into the default Comunica SPARQL config.

    Should you not need this parser in your querying use case, no worries, you can easily exclude this by creating a custom config.

    Fixes and enhancements

    Next to the changes above, several other smaller fixes and enhancements (such as Emoji-support in query expressions) were applied. Check out the full changelog to read more about them.