Hacktoberfest and Release 1.17.0

Friday, September 25, 2020

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    In this post, we give an overview of contribution possibilities during Hacktoberfest, and the newly released 1.17.0 version.


    Hacktoberfest is a yearly event during the month of October to celebrate open-source projects, where everyone is invited to contribute to projects by submitting pull requests. Once a certain number of pull requests has been made, you will receive some goodies.

    If you're interested to participate in this event, we have marked several issues with the label hacktoberfest, which are well suited for first-time contributors.

    Happy hacking! 🪓

    Release 1.17.0

    As of today, version 1.17.0 has been released. It mainly contains a fix for the bug where some queries would never terminate without producing further results. Next to this, it features some convenience features such as making the logger data argument lazy, ensuring the internal SPARQL endpoint defaults to application/json when no content type is requested, and a fix for http-based JSON-LD contexts not being retrievable within browsers. It also lays the groundwork for RDF* support in the near future.

    Check out the full changelog to read more about them.